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Press Release | April 10, 2020

USNORTHCOM Provides Agile COVID-19 Medical Support

USNORTHCOM Public Affairs


U.S. Northern Command, the Department of Defense's lead for COVID-19 operations in the United States, continues to provide agile support of federal, state and local authorities across the country. DoD has nearly 11,000 personnel dedicated to COVID-19 operations nation-wide, with nearly 2,500 in the New York City area. 

USNORTHCOM is executing a three-pronged attack on the virus in New York City, providing high-end care on the USNS COMFORT, lower acuity COVID-19 care in the Javits New York Medical Station, and military medical staff embedded in 11 city hospitals, to help relieve pressure on them. Each day more than 325 doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists serve in New York City hospitals. Approximately another 320 DOD medical professionals will be ready to work in local and field hospitals this weekend.  

DOD is providing expeditionary medical care in several states across the country. The USNS Mercy is caring for patients in Los Angeles, and Navy Expeditionary Medical Facility personnel are serving in New Orleans and Dallas. Army Reserve Urban Augmentation Medical Task Forces, each consisting of 85 medical professionals, are serving in Connecticut, and a team is arriving in Detroit this weekend. Three teams will arrive in New Jersey as early as this weekend. Two teams will arrive in Boston within the next week.

USNORTHCOM’s support to COVID-19 operations is a dynamic mission and our forces are adapting to meet the evolving needs of the state and local authorities. Earlier this week, medical doctors, nurses and specialists from Javits New York Medical Station and the USNS COMORT answered a distress call from a local hospital, transferring 18 critically ill patients to other hospitals, including 10 to the USNS COMFORT. DOD is integrated into the New York City hospital system, providing relief and saving lives.

In Washington, a state-of-the-art military field hospital was setup and ready to operate, but was ultimately not needed because of local mitigation efforts. USNORTHCOM is adjusting its medical support efforts to assist new communities requiring medical need, working closely with the states and the Federal Emergency Management Agency through the National Response Coordination Center to execute a "leap-frog" approach with our mobilized medical teams to identify nation-wide demands and support emerging hot-spots.