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News | May 3, 2022

US Army, US Marines and multinational forces to participate in Maple Resolve 22

By U.S. Army North Public Affairs

Approximately 680 U.S. Army Soldiers, 20 U.S. Marines and 3,200 Canadian and British forces will participate in the largest allied exercise conducted in North America, May 10-22, 2022.

The annual exercise, Maple Resolve 22, will take place at the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Center, Camp Wainwright, Alberta, Canada and will provide opportunities for Canadian, British, and American service members to learn from each other and improve interoperability and military readiness. This exercise helps ensure our ability to operate together at home and abroad in support of future coalition operations.

“Maple Resolve will strengthen our bonds with NATO allies and enhance our ability to defend our homelands,” said Lt. Gen. John R. Evans, Jr., U.S. Army North commander.

The exercise occurs on the heels of the recent signing of the Canada-U.S. Bilateral Army Training Strategy, a new approach designed to increase the military preparedness of the two nations by 2028.

"Interoperability is critical to the success of future coalition military operations," said Lt. Col. Philippe Collette, U.S. Army North, Canada branch chief. "Having several multinational allies training at Maple Resolve will pay dividends to our nations’ ability to work together internationally and defend our homelands in the years ahead."

For an exercise of this magnitude to be successful, logistics plays a vital role. U.S. forces, equipment, and supplies travelled to numerous Canadian destinations via two subset exercises – Nationwide Move 22 and Maple Caravan 22.

“Being able to rapidly move people, equipment and supplies within U.S. borders is important,” said Evans, “and being able to safely operate under real world conditions with our Canadian partners and their equipment is imperative to improving our collective readiness.”

A U.S. exercise, Nationwide Move 22, involved a logistical movement across the country to and from the Canadian border. Maple Caravan 22, a joint U.S. and Canadian exercise, involved a similar movement across Canada to and from the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre.