U.S. Special Operations Command, North

Oct. 5, 2015


SOCNORTH, in partnership with the interagency and regional SOF, synchronizes operations against terrorist networks and their acquisition or use of weapons of mass destruction, and when directed, employs fully capable SOF to defend the homeland in depth and respond to crisis.


SOCNORTH's Area of Responsibility mirrors that of USNORTHCOM and includes air, land, and sea approaches and encompasses the continental United States, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and the surrounding water out to approximately 500 nautical miles. It also includes the Gulf of Mexico, the Straits of Florida, and portions of the Caribbean region to include The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. CDRSOCNORTH is responsible for maintaining existing relationships with regional SOF organizations in Canada, Mexico, and The Bahamas and facilitates their contributions to the cooperative defense of North America.