U.S. Northern Command Vision

Oct. 15, 2019


NORAD and USNORTHCOM have complementary missions and members of our headquarters staffs work to fulfill our homeland defense responsibilities. The two Commands operate within a common security environment and share common values, understanding the urgency and importance of our duties in light of very real and present dangers.

The NORAD Agreement assigns the missions and responsibilities for Commander NORAD while the Unified Command Plan establishes the missions and responsibilities for Commander USNORTHCOM. We continually evaluate these mission statements to ensure they remain relevant and appropriate.

NORAD Mission:  The North American Aerospace Defense Command Defends Our Nations Deters, detects, and defeats air threats to the United States and Canada and provides aerospace and maritime warning.

USNORTHCOM Mission:  United States Northern Command Defends Our Homeland - Deters, detects, and defeats threats to the United States, conducts security cooperation activities with allies and partners, and supports civil authorities. 


The NORAD & USNORTHCOM Vision: With our trusted partners, we will defend North America by outpacing all threats, maintaining faith with our people and supporting them in their times of greatest need.