USNORTHCOM supports FEMA for Midwest ice storm relief

By NORAD and USNORTHCOM Public Affairs


In anticipation of requests for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assist residents of the Midwest suffering from heavy ice storms and extreme winter weather, the Commander of U.S. Northern Command has ordered the deployment of U. S. Army North Defense Coordinating Officers and a Defense Coordinating Element for FEMA Regions V, VI and VII.

The DCOs are responsible for coordinating the use of all active duty military personnel and equipment requested by the lead agency responding to a disaster such as these ice storms.  The DCE includes personnel who support the DCO, ensuring administrative tasking required to coordinate support efforts are completed so that personnel in the field can be utilized to their full effectiveness in response to a disaster.

Additionally, eight light to medium utility helicopters and four medium to heavy utility helicopters and any active duty troops who may be required to deploy in support of FEMA have been ordered to stand ready.

USNORTHCOM is the unified combatant command responsible for defending the homeland and providing defense support of civil authorities. USNORTHCOM anticipates requests, actions and requirements to support developing situations. Its subordinate commands are Joint Forces Headquarters National Capital Region, Joint Task Force Alaska, Joint Task Force Civil Support, Joint Task Force North and Standing Joint Force Headquarters North.