North American Defense and Security Academic Alliance


Research and Writing Program Functions:

NORAD and U.S. Northern Command invite all institutions to partner in research that is mutually beneficial in the areas of Aerospace Defense, Homeland Defense, Security Cooperation and Defense Support of Civil Authorities.  The attached research topics list identifies current areas of interest and can potentially be used to satisfy student research project requirements while assisting NORAD and USNORTHCOM improve our understanding of the focus area.  If your academic institution is interested in more information please contact NORAD and USNORTHCOM’s Education Team organizational mailbox at

Research Topic Opportunities-Academic Year 2019-2020

  • Conventional vs. Nuclear Deterrence
  • Managing the Cost Curve of Defense Mechanisms
  • Engaging commercial industry for Homeland Defense
  • Mitigating Threats in the Arctic by Creating an Arctic Joint Task Force (JTF)
  • Levying Southwest Border (SWB) operational support requirements to a two star National Guard command to free up DOD Active Duty organizational readiness
  • Integrated Air Missile Defense C2 Fusion
  • Advanced Engagement Capabilities
  • Development of Cloud Based GeoCOP
  • Integrated Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment (ITW/AA) as Original Multi-Domain Command and Control (MDC2)
  • Grey Zone Warfare
  • Dual Use of Facilitators
  • Future DOD Applications of 3D Printing and Other Manufacturing Alternatives
  • Deterrence in the Homeland
  • Big data and Artificial Intelligence in the Homeland
  • Future Arctic Communications
  • Cyber Threat Hunting
  • Sensor Ingest & Analytics Platform
  • Toward Zero Trust Architecture and Microsegmentation
  • Homeland Defense and Information Sharing
  • Cyber Security - Energy Sector
  • Arctic Infrastructure and Basing
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Joint Reserve Force Mobilization
  • The Development of Joint Reserve Units
  • Concurrent Operations
  • US-Canadian Relations


Research Topic Opportunities-Academic Year 2018-2019

• Aerospace Warning & Control of Advanced Cruise Missile Threats

• Aerospace Warning (Detection, Tracking, Identification) of Advanced Missile Threats

• Animal Decontamination in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Response Enterprise Operations

• Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) Categorization/Classification

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Network Enclaves for Defense Support to Civil Authorities  (DSCA) / Foreign Humanitarian Assistance (FHA) Operations

• The Dragon's New Bear Rug (Chinese and Russian Strategic Cooperation and/or Divergence)

• Wind Turbine Radar Interference Mitigation

• Why are East and West Coast Maritime Command and Control (C2) Different?


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