Supervisor Orientation for PALACE Acquire & COPPER CAP Employees


The intent of the Air Force civilian force renewal program is to attract high potential individuals to careers as federal employees with the Air Force.  Since the program started in 1981, more than 8,500 employees have been hired under the PALACE Acquire (PAQ) program (for career fields including Science and Engineering, Financial Management, Force Support, Logistics, etc.) and the COPPER CAP (COP) program (for the Contracting career field).

The civilian force renewal program is an essential tool for recruiting and training future Air Force civilian leaders.  To effectively manage these programs, the Air Force Central Salary Account (CSA) personnel conduct an annual survey of CSA program participants (including force renewal, career broadening, and civilian developmental education).  The purpose of the survey is to ensure program guidelines are implemented and program results are effectively monitored.  In the CSA Survey results for calendar year 2012, current and former PAQ/COPs indicated their supervisors were not fully aware of the force renewal program requirements and how important their role as supervisors and/or mentors was to the program’s success.

PAQ/COP supervisors need to know the requirements of these formal training programs and be familiar with best practices for ensuring the PAQs and COPs they supervise have meaningful and productive experiences that incorporate professional development and effective work accomplishment.  Successful supervision, mentoring, and coaching the PAQs and COPs plays a major role in the ultimate success of these employees, and ultimately the success of Air Force mission accomplishment.  For that reason, an orientation video is available to prepare and encourage individuals in their journey as PAQ/COP supervisors and/or mentors.