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U.S. Northern Command, in support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is responding to Hurricane Harvey response efforts by actively supporting search and rescue operations, and posturing forces to quickly provide critical resources to the affected region


Below is a roundup of the active-duty military support USNORTHCOM and its subordinate commands are providing: 




  • Active-duty military personnel have rescued/assisted more than 1,200 people to date.


  • USNORTHCOM deployed 73 helicopters, three C-130s, and eight para-rescue teams for search and rescue and evacuation.


  • Approximately 6,300 active-duty military personnel are deployed to the affected area.

  • Defense Logistics Agency is providing 600,000 gallons of fuel (MOGAS and Diesel) to Fort Hood, TX with deliveries to Segin, Katy, Chase and Ellington Field. DLA is providing 45K gallons of aviation fuel daily to USCG at Ellington Field.
  • DoD has stood up three additional Incident Support Bases at Fort Hood, Joint Base San Antonio and Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort-Worth to support forward distribution of supplies and equipment to the affected area.



  • Eleven Defense Logistics Agency high-end generators have arrived at Seguin, Texas.  DLA also has 51 fully-operational personnel at FEMA’s Incident Support Base at Seguin. 

  • DLA delivered 14,500 sandbags to military bases in San Antonio.

  • DoD deployed a search and rescue package to include two SAR planners, nine SAR rotary wing aircraft, two fixed-wing aircraft, pararescue teams, and associated command and control elements. These SAR assets are deploying to Joint Reserve Base, Fort Worth, Texas. In addition, 5 Zodiak rescue boat crews joined to assist with rescue efforts.

  • One-hundred Light/Medium Tactical Vehicles are moving from Fort Hood to Katy, Texas, to support the Red Cross in the movement of personnel and patients out of flooded areas in Houston.


  • DoD deployed an active duty military deputy and supporting staff in support of the Dual Status Commander (DSC) to Austin, Texas, as requested by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. The DSC for Texas is Brig. Gen. Patrick Hamilton of the Texas Army National Guard.

  • DLA is managing the Randolph ISB at Seguin, Texas.


  • DoD provided a Defense Coordinating Officer with a defense supporting staff element (DCO/DCE) to the FEMA Regional Response Coordinating Center Region VI, Joint Field Office, or other location as required, to provide DoD regional knowledge, requirements validation and liaison, including as necessary State/Emergency Preparedness Liaison teams.


  • DoD provided Randolph-Seguin as an ISB/FSA to support forward distribution of supplies/equipment to the affected area.


    USNORTHCOM is responsible for homeland defense and Defense Support to Civil Authorities. And while USNORTHCOM leans forward to provide civil support assistance to FEMA for Hurricane Harvey, NORAD and USNORTHCOM remain fully capable of defending the homeland.


    For current photos and video products of DoD response efforts please visit the DVIDS Hurricane Harvey feature page. https://www.dvidshub.net/feature/hurricaneharvey

NORAD and USNORTHCOM Public Affairs