Veteran's and Remembrance Day 2006

By NORAD and USNORTHCOM Public Affairs


We pause on this Veterans Day, known as Remembrance Day in Canada, to honor those who have answered the call to defend and secure our people, our homelands, and our way of life.
Veterans Day is a wonderful opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to all those who have served in our armed forces. There are many ways to show our respect, such as visiting veteran nursing homes and hospitals, attending parades, and participating in tribute ceremonies.
As we continue fighting and winning the long war on terrorism, we pay tribute to the actions of heroes past and present, including the millions of service men and women who have gone before us—making the ultimate sacrifice—and the many who serve far from home today. Our nations expect much of our armed forces, and as our service men and women have demonstrated while defending our homelands for years—we will prevail.
It is my sincere pleasure to serve with all of you, freedom’s guardians. Thank you for your dedication and service. May you and your families enjoy a safe weekend as we remember all of our great nations’ veterans.

Timothy J. Keating
Admiral U.S. Navy