USNORTHCOM monitors Hurricane Dennis

By NORAD and USNORTHCOM Public Affairs


U.S. Northern Command officials continue to monitor Hurricane Dennis and coordinate closely with federal and state agencies to ensure a quick response to assist if called upon.

As of mid-afternoon today, Hurricane Dennis was moving slowly toward the Gulf Coast of the United States.

"Forces that could be assigned under U.S. Northern Command during a natural disaster remain at a high level of preparedness," said Michael Perini, USNORTHCOM Director of Public Affairs. "If called upon, they will take prompt action to aid local, state and federal agencies."

These forces can provide assistance in search and rescue, medical care, biological hazard assessment, evacuation and a number of other areas. USNORTHCOM has not yet received any requests for assistance with Hurricane Dennis, Perini said, but stands ready to provide aid if called upon.

USNORTHCOM does not direct the evacuation of personnel and equipment from military installations; those decisions are made by installation commanders and are based on assessments provided to them by their staffs and local authorities.

The mission of USNORTHCOM is homeland defense and civil support. The command conducts operations to deter, prevent, defeat and mitigate threats and aggression aimed at the United States, its territories and interests within the assigned area of responsibility and, as directed by the President or Secretary of Defense, provide military assistance to civil authorities including consequence management operations.