MSSG-11 helps Red Cross salvage distribution warehouse

By NORAD and USNORTHCOM Public Affairs


FORT GILLEM, GA. (JOINT TASK FORCE KATRINA) – The commander of Joint Task Force Katrina, Lieutenant General Russel Honore, in consultation with Vice Admiral Thad Allen, Principal Federal Officer for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and state and local officials has recommended several adjustments to military forces supporting humanitarian relief operations.

Lt. Gen. Honore forwarded his recommendations to the Secretary of Defense through the commander of US Northern Command for approval.

Prior to and immediately after the Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, the Department of Defense deployed forces and capabilities into the region for rescue and relief efforts. Some of these forces were dispatched in anticipation of what capabilities may be needed; others were in response to requests for specific capabilities. Some of those forces have now completed their mission or their capabilities have been replaced by other local or State capabilities. At FEMA’s request, there are some additional military resources being deployed to support relief and recovery operations.

The following capabilities and assets are being redeployed: the USS H. S. Truman, USS Whidbey Island, selected 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit and Army Aviation assets, the Army Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Platoon, the Air Force’s 4th Expeditionary Medical Support Field Hospital (being replaced by the Army’s 14th Combat Support Hospital) and the Air Force’s 920th Rescue Wing.

As relief operations continue, DoD will continue to adjust its forces to support the FEMA-led effort. Please contact – CDR Dora Lockwood or LCDR Pauline Storum at 1-404-469-7326.